Kovalam Football Club

Founded by Ebin Rose, Tony Langham, Sam Gheevarghese

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Under the 12th Thiruvithamcore- Kochi Literary,
Scientific and Charitable Society Registration Act of 1955
Serial number T. 1544/10. Year: 2010
I certify that as per the 12th Thiruvithamcore-Kochi Literary, Scientific and Charitable Society Registration Act of 1955 Kovalam Football Club, Jayanagar is registered today.
I have signed, sealed and delivered this on the 15th day of December Two thousand ten.
Registrar of Society

The story of Kovalam Football Club.

Approximately 10 years ago an old man, an extremely gifted football player and the General secretary of T & D F.A got together to launch Kovalam FC.

I still don’t know to this day why Ebin Rose & Sam GheeVarghese chose to speak to me; maybe God loves football also! Before this there was a team called GVJ- all Malayalee sports lovers will know of these initials and of the works that this man did to advance sport in Kerala, especially our “ beautiful game “

We took the decision that Kovalam F.C would ONLY exist to benefit boys from the very poor villages like Vizhinjam, Poovar, Pelar, Kottappuram, Pumthura,Cheriathura and Sangumugam. WHY? Because they are not even on the bottom step of the ladder, due to family circumstances that they’ve no control over. Some boys have a very hard life with parents due to alcohol and drugs being around them; so this means they’re easily drawn into crime of all sorts, as well being employed as “ runners “ for drug pushers, shop lifters and prone to sexual and mental abuse. To be continued??????

It is a movement to empower the impoverished coastal village families by investing in their children.


An invitation to join us, why?

LIFE, IN ALL ITS VARYING ASPECTS, has never been kind to our players or their families; so we’ve never been able to charge the boys or their parents for us to provide any kit, balls, training equipment, travel expenses or pay our coaches. The founders & a few good friends, like Dr. Shashi Tharoor M.P. have found the money, somehow, to enable us to survive for 10 years. Now, it seems better things will be coming our way. So, I know you’ll understand why we are seeking donations and sponsorship commitments to allow us to provide all the necessary things to keep our teams growing and get our 1st X1 an entry, if the AIFF willing, into the brand new LEAGUE 2 that has been created this year.


Tony Langham – Ebin Rose – Sam Gheevarghese Founders Kovalam FC



  • Princess Gawri Laxmi Bayi, Kowdiar Palace; Sivankutty, ex-MLA

Founding Patrons:

  • Shashi Tharoor M. P.(Pravasi Bharatiya Samman awardee} and
  • Thomas Kailath, Stanford University, California (Padma Shri awardee) and Sally Mathew for the Jacob Family Foundation, Thumpamon.

Advisory Steering Committee:

  • Adoor Gopalakrishnan(Padma Bhushan awardee); TJS George, Indian Express (Padma Shri awardee); Shaji Thomas, Thomas Hotels & Resorts

Executive Committee:

  • Tony Langham(Chairman Emeritus); C. Chandrahasan(Chairman);

Thayil Mathew (President); Sam Geevarughese (Secretary);

Babu Xavier (Treasurer); Babu Divakaran (Legal); Dr. Jayakumar (Director); Ebin Rose (Director);

Managing Committee:

  • Thayil Mathew (co-ordinator); Dr. Jayakumar (Education); Sam Geevarughese (Club Relations); Ebin Rose (Coaching, Academy); Elgin D’Cruz (Teams, Grassroots); Tony Langham (web site manager); Huny Subramaniam (Hostel); Anooj Muraleedharan (Publicity); Ashish Nair (Accounts); Pius Wilson (Administration)
  • Chartered Accountants: H.Vinod & Associates
  • Project Managers:Anand Niketan Builders
  • Bankers: Federal Bank, HDFC

PATRONS are by invitation, in order to establish our bonafides.

FOUNDING PATRONS are those who donated Rs.25L.

At least another 7 have to be added if we want to realize our dream KFC Campus.

ADVISORY STEERING COMMITTEE is also to add to our credibility. Of the six 1L. donors to KFF that we invited to this Committee, only Shaji Thomas has accepted so far. More will be added.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is to set up the Policies, Plans, Projects, etc.

MANAGING COMMITTEEis the body that keeps KFC going.

TJM’s role is to co-ordinate various functions executed by the team. Dr. Jayakumar is the Manager/Owner of the Arumanoor School, where our boarders will be attending. Sam will take care of our Accreditations, Associations filings, Tournaments registrations, Liason with TDFA, KFA, AIFA, etc. ER will handle social network and press relations. He will also concentrate on Coaching and of the Academy, assisted by Elgin and Huny. To compensate for their time and efforts, 95% of the fees collected by the Academy will be paid to Ebin for distribution among the coaches from within or out of KFC.

From August 1st, all money collected by the Academy will be deposited in the KFC bank account. The coaches’ share will be paid out on the last working day of the month.

Elgin will manage the KFC teams: their supplies, tournament participations, players’ registration, etc. He will also co-ordinate the grassroots programs: by coaching at the Technopark school and Huny at the Kowdiar school. Elbin will visit both the schools periodically. We will negotiate with the owners of these two schools about charging the participants and the revenue minus 5% will be paid to the three coaches equally. We will try to enlist more schools in this program. Tony will continue managing the website. To keep it accurate and up to date, it is absolutely necessary that we let him know our activities constantly and instantly.

He will also direct our foreign liasoning raising funds, arranging coaches from UK and to get our outstanding boys in the football camps there. Huny will be in sole charge of the Hostel, actively supported by Elbin. Anooj will continue helping us to produce publicity materials. Ashish will take over the accounting of both the KFC and the Hostel, furnishing monthly reports on receipts and payments, tally the bank a/cs and work closely with our Chartered Accountant and Treasurer. Pius will co-ordinate and oversee administration.

Kovalam FC 
Acc No: 09961450000055  IFSC: HDFC0000996    MICR: 695240009 KERALA-INDIA


a noble desire to keep the boys from impoverished families off the beaches and allied antisocial activities, brought a novel idea to Ebin Rose and Sam Geevarghese, two state football players. They started kicking the ball with the boys on the beaches, teaching them the game techniques. There they met a British tourist, Tony Langham, an expert in the British Football Clubs administration.

And the Kovalam Football Club was born.

The ‘beach boys’ started winning competitive tournaments all over India: Senior Division, U-18, U-16 and U-14.


A KFC player was selected to U-14 India Camp, another in the State Camp.
Seven players represented in the Inter District Tournament and five in the 2016 District Youth Team, WINNERS, Kerala Cup. Seven players represent the Kerala University Team.
2013/14/15/17: Winners:
U14 S. E. P. T. South Zone Kerala.

2017: Winners:
Corporation Keralolsavam Trophy

Republic Day U14

Joint Winners:
Kesari Super League

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial All-India Tournament, Bhopal

U-12 Kerala Premium League, Thiruvananthapuram Zone

All-India Invitation Gold Cup, MP

2016: Winners:
U-14 Football Federation Cup South India, Kochi

U-12 Kerala Premium League, Thiruvananthapuram Zone

2015: Winners:
U-14 Brothers Cup, Peroorkada

2014: Winners:
All-India Mahavir Cup, Kuhuri, Odisha


Marthand Sindh Memorial All-India Cup, MP

All-Kerala U-14 St. Mary’s Trophy, Vettukadu, Thiruvanthapuram

2013: Semi Finalists:
All-India Birla Cup, Maihar (MP)

2012: Best B Team:
ONGC Cup All India Tournament in HP

2011: Winners:
U-16Ananthapuri Cup Inter District Tournament

2010: Semi Finalists:
U-16 All-India League in Goa

2009: Winners:
‘A’ Division Thiruvananthapuram District Football Association League

Our Head Coach

Head Coach:


  • AFC ‘B’ License Holder 2015
  • FIFA Advanced Youth Coaching Course 2016
  • AIFF Grass Root Courses 2014
  • Coaches Clinic & Sport Medicine
  • Courses 2014 (Kerala F.A. on behalf of Inter Milan Italy)
  • Premier Skills Phase 1 & 2
  • Coach Education Course 2014/15
  • Kovalam Football Club: since 2009
  • Dhanuvachapuram NSS College: 2016-17
  • Kerala Junior Team Assistant coach 2016
  • TRV District team: U-14 2016 and U-19 2015
  • 9th Battalions Madras (Travancore) 2015
  • Vision India Vizhinjam (TRV District Sports Council) 2010/14
Playing experience:
  • Inter District State Championship (Jr) 1996 Runner-up
  • Inter State (Sr) Championship 1997-2012
  • All India Inter Zone University 1997-98 Winner
  • 1998-99 Runner-up
  • South Zone 1998-99 Winner
  • SBT 1998
  • SanthoshTrophy: 2004 Winner
  • 05 Third; 06; 08 Third
  • National Games (Guwahati) 2007 Q.Final
  • VIVA Kerala League 2008
  • Titanium 1999/17
  • Kerala University Best Player: 1998
  • All India University Top Scorer: 1998
  • ONGC All India Invitation (Surat) Top Scorer: 2004
  • State Club Championship Best Player: 2005
  • Madhya Pradesh [Betul] All India Invitation Best player: 2006
  • All India Iron or Cup Best Player: 2006
  • All India Irion or Cup (Chattisgarh) Top Scorer: 2005 & 2007
  • State league top scorer: 2007
  • TRV District League Top Scorer: 5 Times
  • Kerala State Championship Top scorer: 3 Times

Achievements as football coach

  • TRV Inter District “A” Division (Champions 2010)
  • Vision India champion (TRV Sports Council) 2011
  • Inter State U-19 Runners up 2015 (TRV)
  • Inter State U-14 Third place 2016 (TRV)
  • Mahaveer Cup All India Tournament (Odissa)
    winner 2016 (Kovalam F C.
  • Kerala University inter collegiate winner:
    NSS Dhanuvachapuram 2016;Third in 2017

Playing experience:


  • AFC Qualifications: C, B and A Certificates
  • AFC Conditioning Certificate
  • Coach Kovalam FC Academy,
    Thiruvananthapuramsince 2010
  • 20 Years coaching experience with different Teams
  • Keltron;
  • Titanium;
  • Kerala University.
  • Head Coach in PTM College, Maruthoorkonam,
    Thiruvananthapuram since 2008
  • Assistant coach in Kovalam Football Club;
    *Kovalam Leela Hotel football Coach for last 4 years.
  • Conducted summer football coaching camp for
    2 months in 2006 and 2008.
  • Member for Kerala Athletic Association and
    Technical Panel for Throwball Association,



  • D-License course from All India FBA
  • Grassroots Leaders course from All India FBA
  • Bachelor of Physical education
  • Head Coach in PTM College, Maruthoorkonam, Thiruvananthapuram since 2008
  • Assistant coach in Kovalam Football Club
  • Kovalam Leela Hotel football Coach for last 4 years
  • Conducted summer football coaching camp for 2 months in 2006 and 2008
  • Member for Kerala Athletic Association and Technical Panel for
    Throwball Association, Thiruvananthapuram



  • FA licensed Coach: (FAN)56768972, 4th July
  • 1980*QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)
  • Teacher of PE, Sports, Science
  • BSc Sports Science & Biology (University of Essex)
  • UEFA B License football.
  • FA Youth Award (B License for youth football).
  • Emergency Aid and Safeguarding.
  • Edmonton Rangers U-15 team
  • Tottenham UTC aged 14-18
  • Kovalam FC since 2010


  • Tottenham Hotspur Development Coach Holiday Football
    Programs: ages 6-11
  • Ministry of Football: ages 4-9
  • Barnet FC Academy players: ages 6 -14
  • Northumberland Park School team coach: ages 11-12
  • Kings University Men’s First XI Students: ages 18 plus
  • Alexandra Park School Ages 11-19
Playing experience:
  • FC Enfield futbal (English national futbal league)
  • Viva Kerala 2009/10 ( I-League)
  • FC White Bear 2008/09 (English national futbal league)
  • Various English semi-professional teams
  • University of Rio Grande (NAIA, US College Soccer, ranked
    top 20 nationally)

Playing experience:


  • AIFF ‘D’ Coaching Certificate
  • AIFF Grassroots Leaders Course
  • St. Xavier’s Collage Thiruvananthapuram